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Wed, Feb. 22nd, 2017, 10:13 pm
ice ice baby...

Got home from gym class and the first thing I did was ice my back. Now im heating it. I was told that I should prolly take it easy. But I couldnt help myself. Its my body... I know my limits.. if I felt like anything like yesterday I wouldnt have gone. And I think its the combination of pills... icing and heating my back is what has made my back more manageable. It doesnt feel perfect... but its more manageable.. and so I went. Squat track I just held two plates...and back track... I left the class all together.. I knew I wouldnt be able to handle it. But everything else was cool. The way I feel today.. I wouldnt be able to handle grit strength class... as I feel that class takes more exertion...

Anyways, the last time I had lower back problems my dr perscribed me a muscle relaxer. Something having to deal with having a herniated disk. Anyways, not sure what my current issue was... felt like I ended up having a pinched nerve... but the other day in bodypump... I know whatever it was I had... I aggrivated more and pulled a muscle big time. I couldt properly perform in grit strength later on..

Anyways, im gonna continue babying my back tomorrow... icing it. Heating it. but tomorrow is suppose to be really good weather. Have to go running tomorrow too tho...

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2017, 08:57 pm
Pulled lower back muscle...

been having slight lower back pain recently. and i feel i really fucked it up the other evening in gym class. i first felt the strain in bodypump when i had clean and pressed the bar over my head. but okay, i felt i was able to manage... but overtime... god, i knew i really did some damage during grit strength. a mere 40 lbs bar... and i could no longer properly do a front squat. had to just put the bar on the floor... and just simply not participate in that. i felt like i wanted to cry..

wish i had been able to take time off of work today...
pain is lower back, left side.
difficult to tie my shoe this morning.
dropped my keys on the floor at work and i was grateful a co worker picked it up for me cuz i knew having to stoop down to pick it up would be painful. lifting anything heavy off from the floor... painful. something that i do a lot at work actually. and yeah, i DO lift with my legs.. but still... i still felt the affects in my lower back, left side..

this morning i took 2 alieve pills.
when i returned home, took another pill, iced my back. than i put heat on it. taking another pill now. god, i hate this. having to take things easy.

i hear it on the radio all the time when they do sports announcements. oh, this person got this so and so sports injury. thats how i feel like i've become. dunno which feels worse. this lower back muscle that i pulled... or the hamstring tightness i use to have...

Thu, Feb. 16th, 2017, 08:46 pm
Feeling friggin SORE still...

i've been in muscle soreness... everyday this week since monday.
I TOTALLy blame it on bodypump too. TOTALLY 100 PERCENT...

so like, i had taken a week off and ended up returning back last monday...
and god, for real...
sometimes i have this paranoia..
that if i stay away too long, that i'll lose my sense of fitness..
but it ends up feeling like the opposite. i end up returning back stronger...
its like that with running.
i train hard, but a week before a race... i dont run at all that week.
maybe i do one easy run that week. but come race day, i come out stronger
even tho i took a week off..

OKAY, at any rate, the whole push pause release in grit strength is like the WOrst. OKAY, i dont say it in a negative way. but out of all the releases, i have always found that one to be the most challenging. thats the one i tend to DREAD having to do.

but as for bodypump, yeah, i felt strong returning back to that class..
but FUCK..
a day later...
i could hardly walk...
i mean, i could walk...
but with every step i just felt soreness in my glutes, hamstrings, quads, groin. felt muscle soreness in my chest, triceps, shoulders, back. honest to god, i was unsure if i'd make it to class on wednesday. i felt THAT SORE... i went, and i just pushed myself. and ALl dAY today.. god, while at work, i just couldnt escape my muscle soreness.

i swear, one of my goals is to be able to use 40 lbs in the shoulder track. have wanted to get up to that weight for awhile now. i currently use 30 lbs. maybe i can tack on 2 1/2 lbs plates next time, thats if he continues with the same release. u know how it is, they tend to switch it up like that... i just think 40 lbs i could eventually do... but i know it would be challenging. i mean.. even in the push/pause grit strength release... the whole up right rows with 40 lbs... thats challenging to me... but one day, i want to be able to get up to that weight in the shoulder track in bodypump still...

Thu, Feb. 16th, 2017, 07:39 pm
Listing of my todays calories: rough estimate:

1 tbs of amaranth grain: 45
2 tbs steel cuts raw (1/4 cup cooked?) 150
1 tbs of wheat bran: 8

2 eggs: 140
3 small white mushrooms: 7
6 slices of zuchinni: ?

butter: i use that when i cook my eggs and green beans: 36?

2 garlics: 4
Green beans:i dont measure how much green beans i actually cook. maybe i eat about a cup?: 44

Black coffee:??

SNACK: 180
1 slice of ezekial bread: 80
1 tbs of peanut butter: 100 calories
Slices of banana:?? i just put as many slices on my bread that can fit. so i dont eat the whole banana

LUNCH: 230??
1 cup of lentil soup: homemade. i dont actually measure a cup tho. its in a relatively small bowl i put into it tho: about 230??

SNACK: 290
1 cup yogurt: i dont actually measure a cup: 130?
1/4 cup almonds/peanuts: 160

3 drumsticks: 300???
broccoli: i dont really measure my vegetables really. about a cup?? 55

1 apple: 53

total: calories: 1542

OKAY, i've been on a lot of diets. but i've NEVEr been on one where i actually count my calorie intake. This is just a rough estimate. and i think bottom line.... if i want to be more accurate... i should buy a food scale.

i feel i eat more on the days i run/go to the gym and what not. like i will have 3/4 cup of brown rice.

Tue, Feb. 14th, 2017, 08:35 pm
STILL hungry on a 2000 calorie diet...

eat at 4am.

Uh huh, i wake up at 3:30am when i have to be at work at 5am. i wake up that early to i can actually eat breakfast..

at any rate.
hate telling others that i am on a diet. cuz their reaction is WHY?! i dont need to lose more weight. they make me come across as if i have an eating disorder or something. that i have a distorted self image of myself.. and that is just simply NOT the case. i KNOW i am not overweight... but i just wanna look more cut... and i feel i can exercise all i want.. but bottom line... i still need to reduce my bodyfat percentage if i want my 6 pack to show more.

not sure how much calories i should be taking in. 2000 calorie seems like the general number. but i weight 105 lbs. someone who weighs 200 lbs... i feel requires more intake as someone who weighs less. but i guess for now... i'm sticking with the 2000 calorie mark and see how that goes... yeah, when i have peanut butter... i actually measure out a tbs. god, 1 tbs of peanut butter isnt much... i savor that amount i actually measure myself for. at 9am... during my 15 minute break at work. i have 1 slice of ezekial bread, 1 tbs of peanut butter that i spread on the bread... and half of a banana..i cut in slices and put on top. thats like 350 calories there. and 4oz of meat... doesnt seem like a lot to me.

for breakfast have 2 eggs with mushrooms and zuchinni. and then i have green beans. and for my hot cereal, i have 1 tbs of amaranth grain w/2 tbs of steel cuts.. 1 tbs of wheat bran... which takes about 3o minutes to cook. breakfast is actually my favorite meal of my day with my morning cup of coffee... that i drink black.

and yeah, i drink plenty of water thru out the day still. even during the winter/colder months.

anyways, i started this diet last week. and all i just wanna say is... i am feeling hungry on a 2000 calorie diet. not sure if this is temporary or if i'll adjust... i guess i have to wait it out and see..

Thu, Jan. 26th, 2017, 05:41 pm
Front muscle issues...

i still have issues with my hands. they still tingle when it comes to engaging in certain activities - like driving, or gym class when i have pressure on my palms, gripping the bar. but its no longer as intense. more subtle feeling and not as overbearing...

the tingling in my hands ended up feeling so debilitating before that it would keep me awake at night. and when i did eventually fall asleep.. the tingling in my hands would be the reason why i would wake up. i seriously was about to make an appointment to see a doctor about it until i discovered a website... about tight muscles and how it can cause tingling in your hands..

neck, shoulders and chest muscles all tight. funny - its the shoulders and chest track that i really like in bodypump and what i like focusing on when i am on the gym floor. god, i love doing push ups. No wonder those muscles would be tight. anyways, this particular website... it said, while ppl always complain about the back of the muscles... like back pain, neck pain... ppl RARELy complain any sort of pain in the front of their muscles.. u only feel the pain once you actually end up pressing on them. and yeah, my pectoralis minor muscles... so sensitive when i press on it. so i've been stretching that area.. and giving myself tissue massage there in order to get rid of the so called knots.

i still find it fascinating how working on stretching and massaging my front upper body.. has helped relieve some of the tingling in my hands. not just some, but a lot. i mean, i am able to actually sleep soundly. and like all this time, i had been just focusing on massaging my hands, stretching them.. running warm water over them... so desperate in wanting to get rid of the tingling sensation away. BUT NO... it was my neck, shoulder and chest muscles that were affecting my hands.. due to the nerves being sorta like interconnected.. if u end up having a short circuit in your upper body area.. that sense of flow wont go down your arm and thru your hands.

anyways, in addition to helping my hands... i think stretching my upper body had kinda helped me in my running too. when running, i've ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS... have ended up breathing SO HEAVY. i mean, no matter how hard i train... i have never been able to improve my breathing ability while running.

i ended up running today. and i had realized my sense of breathing didnt come across as so heavy. i'm thinking it has to do with my pectoralis minor muscles... stretching and massaging them - like being able to gain more flexibility there... has helped me with my breathing while running. my chest muscles not being as tight as they were before...

Tue, Jan. 24th, 2017, 12:06 am
Sigma ft. Labrinth - Higher (Lyrics)

My favorite current bodycombat track release... its gotta be the music. the music.. fitting so perfectly...

Tue, Jan. 24th, 2017, 12:03 am
SOOOoo glad i decided to go...

I'm like listening to the radio. asking myself is gym class going to be cancelled tonight? i kept on listening to the radio how theres this torrential rain storm with high winds... trees falling down everywhere. airplanes being delayed. and i'm like, should i risk the drive to the gym...

and i'm like looking out my window asking myself.. where the fuck is all the wind that they keep on mentioning about?! while its raining, i dont see the trees outside my window swaying back and forth.. so yeah, i said fuck it... i'm going. and apparently others had the same attitude and showed up too..

bodypump 100 is good. just some of the tracks dont come across as my favorite tho. ALTHO, i admit i DO like the bicep track. I dont often think much of the bicep track.. but THIs one i feel is a doosy. I think due to the different speeds. fast speed and then slow. i like the tune to the tricep track. but still not my favorite. altho i cant complain about the tricep pushups. Shoulder track... i used 25 lbs tonight. Wonder if i could go up to 30 lbs? which had been my regular weight previously. its the whole slow clean movement.. i dont think i could do at that weight.. but everything else i feel i could do. just love the shoulder track in general. its prolly one of the more challenging tracks... but i always love it cuz it always feels intense.. i feel when it comes to my upper body in general, i've developed a good physique. i like how my upper body looks in general.

my third time taking the new release bodycombat. and god. its gotta be my favorite release. from EVERYTHINg - music, all the pushups and core work out we do on the floor... the so called power punches, leg work out... and god, even the core work out and stretching at the end. weird, we end up sitting on the floor at the very end. but whatever, for some reason i feel i gained a new appreciation for that class.

and OKAy, lots of newbies i feel in todays strength class. EVEN THO.. the instructor says to face the center of the room... for the majority, ppl ended up facing towards the front... except for us so called regulars. this other girl whose a regular.. and i ended up facing her. and OKAY, this is why.. i like that format better. cuz inside i feel there ends up being an inner competition with the other person... I KNOW the popular saying... dont be concerned about anybody else, but yourself... but c'mon... sometimes it gives you just a little bit more push sometimes, when there is that sense of friendly competition with another person... even if its just all in my head... god, love the push up section. its DIFFICULT. i mean, its weird in a way.. but its suppose to go to more difficult to easier... but i find it reverse. its more easy doing the alligator movement push up... vs just the alligator..

took grit cardio over the weekend. yeah, i liked it too. just fucking wish i could take that class more often. god, i look at all the gym locations... and they just always offer it when i have to be at work.

Wed, Jan. 18th, 2017, 09:37 pm
and my abs feel sore...

more like obliques/sides..
i dont even know what gym class to blame it one either... and i cant blame it on bodypump.. cuz i didnt take it on monday. and i havent been running this week. altho running doesnt really make my sides hurt... UNLESS, i participate in a race.. even then i am not sure why that part of me gets sore. bodycombat then? i mean, they DO say its like a 60 minute core work out.. took bodyattack last night also... havent taken that class in the longest. i guess cuz i had subtituted running instead. it being winter, it gets darker sooner... yeah i took that class. the instructor hadnt memorized the new routine yet... so, it wasnt exactly a new release... but since i havent take that class in the longest.. it felt new to me still.. anyways, i remember last night when we did the typical running around the room.. i kept on thinking.. wish i was running around a track instead outside...

bodycombat vs. bodyattack. two totally different classes. its like comparing apples to oranges. they both taste good.. but they totally have different flavors...

and god, tonight was my second time taking bodycombat. and god, the second time around felt even better. the MUSIC of all things... SO GOOD. i cant even remember the tunes off of my head.. but i remember the moments.. and how the music ended up just connecting to whatever routine we were doing . i feel this new release has made me sweat more in this class... compared to previous releases. or maybe i am just putting in more effort.

bodypump 100 release? i know that it turned out to be a big deal. WHICH the IDEA in itself.. when it comes the sheer number of creative routines that have been thought up thru out the years... is pretty amazing. i dont even know how they come up with it, or WHO... but yeah, it was good. but i think i still have my particular favorite certain tracks tho from previous releases. but bicep track is NO JOKE. SO CHALLENGING even without using the bar. and OOOOooo... shoulder track. shoulder racks is generally my favorite part of class... and after the first round of pushups.. i thought it was over at that time... but NOPE. another round with the bar. AWESOME. good thing i went lighter than usual. altho after a couple of tries with this.. i would like to eventually add 2 1/2 lbs on each side tho..

Tue, Jan. 17th, 2017, 03:52 pm
and OH, how could i forget...

grit strength class- NEW MOVE...

i think we have like a bar on our backs.
we squat... but the NEW move is like u jump back up....

gotta learn how to perfect that move
before instructor ends up switching it up...

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