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Mon, Nov. 28th, 2016, 09:08 pm
pulled groin muscle...

happened today in the beginning of bodypump..
it felt like a sudden thing that happened.
one moment i'm fine..
the next moment after making some type of sudden movement
i felt this sudden pull/strain on my left side..
lunging and squatting did not feel good to me at all..

and sometime last week...
i suddenly sprained my left ankle in bodycombat..
wow, that hurt. sharp pain.
i remember i left in the middle of that class
to try and massage my foot/ankle and to see if the pain would go away or at least subside.

geeze, gym class is becoming hazardous to my health.

well, my ankle is feeling fine..
it just my left groin.
effin painful at the moment to me still...

Sun, Nov. 27th, 2016, 08:17 pm
a financial idea...

right so, my work place...
we have paid time off money.
if you retire or leave the company in good standing...
whatever money you have in your paid time off account, 100% goes directly to u in cash.

However, u get decide to cash out early. CATCH is: you only get 75% of the value that you cash out. And the other catch is... taking that additional money would also put me in a higher tax bracket. but eventually receiving my paid time off money would put me in a higher tax bracket no matter what tho... even if i waited until i retire..

but STILL... i had this really interesting idea tho. i was thinking of cashing out. i have 11,029 of paid time off that i can cash out. and my thinking is... i could cash out 7,333.34. that would equal to 5,500.005$ and while that seems like a big loss... i would use that to go towards directly to my roth account. and i had been thinking, the money i would lose from cashing out... i could eventually regain when it comes to interest i gain in my retirement account. and with that additional money that i put towards my roth... that would also give me more room for me to put more money away into my 401k roth account during the year..

anyways, i feel it took a little math calculation for me to do. but i think its kinda like a good idea, that i may just do. i mean, its not as if i'm gonna buy a boat with the money i cash out... but i'd just be putting it towards my retirement account.

Sun, Nov. 27th, 2016, 08:09 pm
My black friday purchases...

pyrex dishes - pie dish and a 2 quart baking dish. houseware items were 20% off from my store. On top of my 27% off team member discount, that was a total of 47% off.. good deal.

slow cooker from target; 4 quart. 17$

recently bought a french press. love it.
but it made me want to upgrade my coffee grinder to a burr mill grinder.
used credit card points towards it, so, it came out to only $2.67$

Wed, Nov. 9th, 2016, 10:07 am
Life is still good to me...

woke up. had my morning cup of coffee and eggs.
have gym class to go to this evening...
yeah, my life still treats me good..

while i am not going to defend the current president elect current social positions..
such results shouldnt prevent me from making my own personal progress
and how i treat others...

Tue, Nov. 8th, 2016, 06:48 pm
My vote casted...

Kept on seeing signs saying vote NO on gas tax hike. and well, there is ALREADy a gas tax hike. this vote would just make it MANDATORY that ALL gas tax hike would go DIRECTLy towards transportation fund... as opposed to allowing politicians using the money to go wherever they wanted. SO, I voted YES..

Voted NO on allowing additional casinos being built. Casinos being built in AC have been going bankrupt over and over anyways..

and i couldnt vote for clinton. yes, she has more experience, but her positions goes against mine. the media doesnt even try to be impartial. and well, trump is just simply an asshole. i voted third party libertarian candidate gary johnson instead..

Mon, Nov. 7th, 2016, 09:14 pm
Let me hear you say HEY, HEY, HEY....

yeah, that was the lyrics to one of its songs in bodycombat tonight...
and SO, underneath my breath..
i say hey, hey, hey..
apparently, i must have said it a little more loudly than i intended
cuz one of the ladies next to me she turned around and smiled at me..
yeah, just had to write about that moment down..
cuz i felt the situation amusing to me.
and i actually enjoyed the core track in the end too...

and oh, tonights bodypump...
feel i've maintained my strength in the chest track...
different release. a release i remember...
time under tension chest track..
16 pulses at the bottom..
and yeah, i was able to do it
with my regular 40 lbs weight.
i remember the first time experiencing that track..
16 pulses at the bottom was like, NO WAY feeling..
but MAN, if your able to get thru the chest track with the latest release...
feel like u can get thru any chest track..

i want stronger shoulders..
wanna be able to 40 lbs in the shoulder track...
just SO HARD to do sometimes, like today..
gotta try again, next time...

Wed, Oct. 26th, 2016, 09:46 pm

sometimes what u think is impossible...
ends up actually being possible..

did 40 lbs in the chest track tonight WITHOUT a break.
Yeah, i remember my first time with that release. i was like WTF?!
IMPOSSIBLE. IMPOSSIBLE to go thru the whole routine with that weight without taking at least that short break. Which is why i ended up downgrading...

i upgraded to my regular 40 lbs weight tonight tho.. .
and yeah, it was HARD. THat track feeling TENSE for me. my face being beet red i feel at the end of that track. but i made it thru..

and OH, and i ended up using 40 lbs in the shoulder track tonight. OKAY, i ended up missing a few reps. it being challenging with that weight. but i feel happy non the less that i made the attempt to try it out. gonna try and maintain that weight for now on. while it definitely feels more difficult.. and while i may end up missing a rep sometimes... i just feel i want that added extra challenge... as i was feeling comfortable with 35 lbs..

yeah, i'm ready.
i'm looking forward to next week.
instructor is gonna be switching things up.
the fact that i feel i accomplished what i wanted to accomplish..
i feel pretty excited now for a new routine..

Tue, Oct. 25th, 2016, 07:53 pm
women stuff...

yeah, never visited one before...
never felt a need to. never felt important.
i'm still a virgin.
but ended up experiencing some weird things recently...
thinking maybe it was my "time of the month"..
but nothing continued on to make it appear so...
which is why i initiated to make an appointment for today..
PLUS, when it came to reading online what could possibly be the cause, that scared me. and considering i'm adopted and I dont have such family medical history to go by. getting such an exam wouldnt hurt anyways...

and MAN, what a PAINFUL, UNCOMFORTABLE experience.
positive - dr didnt see anything abnormal about me..
and i'm actually hopeful lab result will come out normal too...

my mind is telling me that maybe i am going thru a pre menopausal phase.
i'm 44. i started to get it at age 10.
My birth date is a made up one..
drs have told me in the past that i could be a few years older than i really am.
so, i could be actually 47..
meaning i was actually 13 when i first started...
which seems more age appropriate.

anyways, one thing i dislike about being adopted is that, I have NO KNOWN family medical history. makes it seem more important that i try and keep myself healthy and get whatever necessary exams done..

on top of everything else.
they offered me a flu shot. i accepted. didnt cost me anything extra since my insurance covers it. i wonder if the flu shot actually works? i didnt get one last year.. and i remained healthy all year round. hoping the same goes for next year.

Mon, Oct. 24th, 2016, 10:20 pm
Panic! At The Disco: Emperor's New Clothes [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

yet ANOTHER PANIC at the disco song for the bicep track. the song grew on me overtime.. and i had no idea it was another song from this group. like seriously, i feel they've become my favorite group. never heard of them before bodypump. they've become a good discovery for me...



Mon, Oct. 24th, 2016, 10:05 pm
Tracks i'm going to miss...

yeah, i feel its that time that instructors are going to be switching things up. and a part of me feels kinda sad about that thought. it always ends up happening anyways... but god damn it, i'm gonna miss the chest track BIG TIme in bodypumps latest release. BEST chest track EVER!!! i wanna experience that chest track one more time.. use 40 lbs this time. Last couple of times... i downgraded to 35 lbs. Its my only way i feel that has enabled me to go thru the whole routine without resting. Honestly, i think what makes it difficult for me... is actually the weight on the PALM of my hands. my palms which ends up getting tired first.. but i wanna try it out with 40 lbs next time without resting.. to see if i can do it. i feel i only have one more chance with that... on wednesday

and the two minute challenge in grit strength
man, that is one of my favorites.
while i am able to make it down to 1...
when i hear the countdown lady near the end...
its still FUN to me. the challenge being.. .
can u shave off even a few seconds?
countdown lady was at 6... when i made it down to 1.
my best time for me so far..

and OH, i'm gonna miss the core track at the end of bodypump and bodycombat. My favorite core tracks so far. and i actually particularly like the cool down part in bodycombat too. feel like the instructor is becoming more refined... like he comes across as less awkward.. but having more of a smooth/natural style with that part instead..

experienced grit cardio latest release once...
i remember i had liked it a lot..
but i vaguely remember the details of it all now tho...
but i remember the 2 minute challenge included the star fish jump.
too bad my work schedule doesnt allow me to take that class when i want to..
and i never experienced plyo.
so i never got to learn what the 2 minute challenge with that one ended up being.
i'm thinking 10 tuck jumps with 10 push ups? and u work your way down. i guess it will always remain a mystery to me..

think i am getting stronger, particularly my shoulders.
in the shoulder track, i use 35 lbs in bodypump.
that weight feeling more comfortable to me over time.
ive had it in my mind that i've wanted to get up to 40 lbs in the shoulder track. and i feel i am almost there..

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