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Tue, Jan. 17th, 2017, 03:59 am
Whoa.... my hands...

the first time in the longest time i feel...
they actually feel tingle free this morning..

Mon, Jan. 16th, 2017, 09:44 pm
and i KNEW it...

i knew when i was driving to the gym this evening... i wasnt gonna make it to its first class. I knew... i should have left earlier, but i didnt want to come across as impolite with my so called earlier "social" thing. but i just knew getting there supposedly on time.. gym class would already end up being jammed packed - it being an accumulation of it being a new release... and it being the beginning of the new year. so yeah, i was already prepared knowing i wouldnt be able to attend...


the one thing about that class is that its made me feel more confident working out on the gym floor on my own. worked on shoulders and chest. those are like my two favorite upper body part work outs i like doing... a long with triceps. but working out on the gym floor is not the same thing as taking gym class. feeling like bodypump gym class... comes across as well... EFFICIENT. i mean, you work all your muscles groups.. packed into just 60 minutes. where as.. try and work out on your own... i feel i only work like just 3 muscle parts with the same amount of time frame. ALSO, gym class.. just ends up coming across as more motivating, inspiring, encouraging, exciting for me.. something u dont get when u work out independently... i walked in at the end up bodypump tho while he was doing the core track. i love the core track to classes just as equally as i like the main work out. just all around love it. feel like the core track... is just an extension of the main work out too in a way... and all i can say.. i love the core track in bodypumps new release. seriously, the reason why i've even started to develop a 6 pack... which i feel is modest looking.. but its still there.. is well, core tracks in class. hardly work out my core on my own. sometimes i do. but for the majority.. its with gym class... i guess we'll see how much it develops within this new year... 2017...

saw an old co worker of mine on the gym floor today tho. so, that was kinda interesting. guess working out on the gym floor.. theres a certain amount of interaction that can take place sometimes..

took bodycombat and strength class still today tho.
anyways, i just have one observation about myself. i like strength class with this instructor the best.. just due to the layout he makes the students position. were suppose to face each other. and if i'm like facing an empty space... i dont like that feeling. i feel like facing each other... you feed off from the ppl who are across from you. doesnt really matter what level they are at... either way, it creates a certain class unity or something... it ends up pushing each other more hard i feel...

and I'M in love with having to do the jack pushups...
thats like THE BEST...

i do neck, chest, shoulder stretches each night and morning... and anytime in between i get. we do stretches in class... but i feel i end up doing entirely different stretches than we do tho. my hands. they affect me big time in gym class... and in my mind... i'm positive.. its not just my hands i need to focus on... but its also other muscles/nerves.. thats in some way are connected to my hands.. i need to focus on too.. altho sometimes i feel i need to start wearing gloves in gym class... like bodycombat core and conditioning track... lots of pushups/mountain climbers... my hands pressed against the floor for that extended amount of time... the pressure on my palms tend to feel too much...

still wanna take bodyattack and sprint this week...

Sun, Jan. 15th, 2017, 12:46 pm
the neck bone, connected to the shoulder bone, shoulder bone connected to the head bone, etc...

right so, my hands have been hurting me recently. i tend to get these severe tingly sensations. it tends to wake me up in the morning. and when i drive my car to work in the morning.. my hands tend to get tingly. i drive with one hand. i put one hand down. the one i put down.. the tingly sensation goes away... so i alternate hands. when i read a book.. my hands start to tingle. in gym class... particularly bodybump... i get tingly sensations in my hands during the chest track... or the back track. or any track that requires a lot of gripping..

anyways, i am thinking - i think its work thats causing me to get such aggitating pain. cuz i do a lot of gripping when it comes to picking products up. lifting 25- 50 lbs bags of grains and what not. and i'm like thinking, have i developed carpal tunnel syndrome? the feeling, feeling so debilitating to me sometimes, particularly in the morning... it feeling difficult to grind my coffee beans in the morning...

i'm like looking, looking online various stretches to do for carpal tunnel syndrome. and it has felt useless to me. but i stumbled onto something else. maybe i dont have carpal tunnel syndrome... but maybe i have stiff forearms, stiff neck, stiff pectoralis minor muscles instead? and its true.. i've realized, i do have tight forearm muscles from gripping regularly. and i have tight neck and shoulder muscles -- all of which the nerves ends up eventually connecting to my hands in some way.

i have done some stretches - forearm, pectoralis minor and scalene muscle stretches. i feel i've started to feel the difference already. like sometimes... i feel it was a false assumption that i have carpal tunnel... but i have something else... but simply really tight muscles elsewhere blocking nerves, circulation to my hands..

Sat, Jan. 7th, 2017, 08:56 pm
My current 2017 read..

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini...

i'm sure my collection of reads will grow as the year continues on...

Sat, Jan. 7th, 2017, 08:53 pm
My 2016 reads...

yeah, reading books is cool..

Author: Suzanne Collins
The Hunger Games Trilogy
Catching Fire

Author: Michael Connelly
Harry Bosch Novels
-Black Echo
-Black Ice
-Concrete Blonde

Author: Bill Bryson
At Home: A Short History of Private life

Author: Laura Hillanbrand
Unbroken (BEST, MOST INSPIRATIONAL BOOK EVER. My favorite book of the year)

Author: Markus Suzak
The Book Thief (Favorite book)
I Am The Messenger

Author: Truman Capote:
In Cold Blood (true real life crime/murder story)

Author: Betty Smith
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (started reading in 2016. finished in 2017.. another favorite book. very uplifting)

if i had to choose which is my most favorite out of my favorites. hard to choose - different genres and style of writing. but i say its a toss up between unbroken and a tree grows in brooklyn..

Sat, Jan. 7th, 2017, 06:33 pm
Travis Mills feat. T.I. - Young & Stupid Lyrics

bodypump core track. fun song.

and so true. lifes just keeps on getting better.
had a good 2016. feel i'm gonna have an even better 2017...

Sun, Jan. 1st, 2017, 07:29 am
Kicking off the New Years right...

Fair Lawn New Years Day 5k race...

been up since 5am.
went to sleep last night before midnight..
race is in just a few hours..

Uh huh. Welcome 2017..


Mon, Nov. 28th, 2016, 09:08 pm
pulled groin muscle...

happened today in the beginning of bodypump..
it felt like a sudden thing that happened.
one moment i'm fine..
the next moment after making some type of sudden movement
i felt this sudden pull/strain on my left side..
lunging and squatting did not feel good to me at all..

and sometime last week...
i suddenly sprained my left ankle in bodycombat..
wow, that hurt. sharp pain.
i remember i left in the middle of that class
to try and massage my foot/ankle and to see if the pain would go away or at least subside.

geeze, gym class is becoming hazardous to my health.

well, my ankle is feeling fine..
it just my left groin.
effin painful at the moment to me still...

Sun, Nov. 27th, 2016, 08:17 pm
a financial idea...

right so, my work place...
we have paid time off money.
if you retire or leave the company in good standing...
whatever money you have in your paid time off account, 100% goes directly to u in cash.

However, u get decide to cash out early. CATCH is: you only get 75% of the value that you cash out. And the other catch is... taking that additional money would also put me in a higher tax bracket. but eventually receiving my paid time off money would put me in a higher tax bracket no matter what tho... even if i waited until i retire..

but STILL... i had this really interesting idea tho. i was thinking of cashing out. i have 11,029 of paid time off that i can cash out. and my thinking is... i could cash out 7,333.34. that would equal to 5,500.005$ and while that seems like a big loss... i would use that to go towards directly to my roth account. and i had been thinking, the money i would lose from cashing out... i could eventually regain when it comes to interest i gain in my retirement account. and with that additional money that i put towards my roth... that would also give me more room for me to put more money away into my 401k roth account during the year..

anyways, i feel it took a little math calculation for me to do. but i think its kinda like a good idea, that i may just do. i mean, its not as if i'm gonna buy a boat with the money i cash out... but i'd just be putting it towards my retirement account.

Sun, Nov. 27th, 2016, 08:09 pm
My black friday purchases...

pyrex dishes - pie dish and a 2 quart baking dish. houseware items were 20% off from my store. On top of my 27% off team member discount, that was a total of 47% off.. good deal.

slow cooker from target; 4 quart. 17$

recently bought a french press. love it.
but it made me want to upgrade my coffee grinder to a burr mill grinder.
used credit card points towards it, so, it came out to only $2.67$

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