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Thu, Oct. 12th, 2017, 07:50 pm
My carb heavy 5 mile run...

for a ThurSDAy run, this is a very good time for me. As my third consecutive day of running has always felt the most challenging. But i have a 20 mile saturday run coming up. so, i started to carb load today to get prepared. LOTS of carbs. I had pancakes for breakfast. i had a morning store meeting today... ate a bagel with cream cheese and a croissant. drank orange juice. for lunch, i ended up having another bagel with chicken. and Oh yeah, I had this chocolate chip scone. I feel i need to keep mindful of that... i have always kinda stayed away or minimized my carbs... but with the mileage i've been packing on, i find carbs to be essential. gonna end up eating some more bread and have an egg sandwich...

speaking of bread, i already ended up finishing a whole loaf of bread this week. I bought another one today. anyways, a good run today, particularly it being a thursday run.


1 10:28:08
2 10:28:32
3 10:25:91
4 10:27:34
5 9:51:73

Thu, Oct. 12th, 2017, 07:11 pm
My marathon bib# 61638!

Sunday, November 5th.

Wave # 4 Orange!
Yes, I will run on the top level of the Verranzano bridge.
Start time 11:00am


Its getting to start to feeling even more real to me now.

*butterflies in my stomach already...

Wed, Oct. 11th, 2017, 07:29 pm
Today's 10 mile run results...

and its no longer summer.
I remember i could run at 7pm and it would still be light out.
not anymore tho...


3-12:56:36 (bathroom break)

Tue, Oct. 10th, 2017, 05:49 pm
2017 TCS New York City Marathon Tune-In Spot (30 Sec)

and i friggin' love this video.

Tue, Oct. 10th, 2017, 07:56 am
and i cant believe i did it...

I'm still kinda in disbelief that i met my fundraising goal.
i admit, the whole thing took A LOT out of me...
i can tell, cuz after i met my deadline goal...
i felt this huge weight off from my shoulders...

the thing is...
i made it down to the last iddy biddy minute i feel.

fundraising is not a fun experience.
or shall i say, it ends up feeling somewhat stressful.
its like when you ask ppl to donate...
u dont want to come across as if your begging
but u want the person to be HAPPY to donate.
without you coming across as a nag.

one of the reasons why i was able to meet my fundraising goal
is because i had one vendor
who ended up donating a significant amount of money.
but still, it had been the LITTLE things that helped too..
particularly LAST MINUTE little things...

ONE day BEFORE my deadline, there had been this one vendor in whom i hadnt heard from OVER a week. i just happened to decide to get the courage to call them. the situation was, that they had ended up being really busy during the time i emailed them... so, they hadnt gotten around reading my message. But when i called and left a voicemail... saying they can reply by calling me back or thru my email message I sent them.. they ended up emailing me and their response ended up feeling SO WARM. while they were a small growing company, what they donated was modest. but STILL... without their donation... i wouldnt have reached my goal.

the day of my deadline... or more correctly, the NIGHT of my deadline. i ended up having to remind my gym instructor. HATED that. cuz having someone to donate cuz your coming across as a nag, that doesnt feel good. you want someone to donate out of their own free will.. cuz they are HAPPY to do it. but i had bEEN SO CLOSE to my fundraising goal. I just needed 12 dollars and some change...

if i hadnt made those two small attempts, I would have fallen just short of my goal. i swear to god, i find it amazing i made it still. not only that, i feel i made it in the LAST minute too. just simply amazing and unbelievable to me. i think i am more amazed because i had it in my mind i really didnt have it in me. I sorta surrendered to the fact that i feel i would have come short, so the fact that i made it surprised me even more.

while i dont regret my fundraising experience
i'm not sure if its something i would do again...
but when all is said and done, the experience ended up
feeling SO REWARDing...

Tue, Oct. 10th, 2017, 06:37 am
Becoming weaker...

while i am able to go the distance with running..
feel like i'm becoming weaker in the strength training department...
i can sense it in bodypump and in grit strength.

while i havent weighed myself...
i feel generally lighter.

a 100 lbs bar for a 150 lbs person..
is not going to feel the same
for a 100 lbs person.

i go lighter in the squat track and the back track.
and i go lighter in grit strength.

while i feel i still get plenty of protein intake...
so, i feel i haven't necessarily lost muscle..
i just feel generally weaker with the bar bell.
and my body weight just feels generally lighter

i think one of the things i'm looking forward to after my marathon...
is being able to work out on the gym floor more often.
with my increase in mileage...
i haven't been doing that for a couple of months now.

Sat, Sep. 30th, 2017, 07:51 pm
My 18 mile AWESOME results today...

WEEK 13 out of 18.

skipped gym class ALL THIS week. in addition to wanting to conserve energy, its also about being able to mentally prepare myself. I feel skipping gym class ended up paying off for me actually. ALSO, last night i ate myself silly and stuffed my face with raviolis. ate a grilled cheese sandwich. this morning... oatmeal,
2 slices of bread with peanut butter and an apple. yes, GO CARBS!!! and oh yeah, when it comes to training in 85 degree weather.. under hot and humid conditions, i feel that all payed off... running in 50's degree weather today. i just felt supercharged. and yes, my time results is with TWO bathroom breaks and running up to a water fountain...


my following split times:

1 10:54:11
2 10:37:63
3 10:29:25
4 10:28:53 (my water stash)
5 11:57:61 bathroom break
6 10:25:69
7 10:27:75 ran up to a water fountain
8 10:20:87 (my water stash)
9 10:20:14

10 11:19:91 bathroom break
11 10:02:42
12 9:52:03 (my water stash)
13 10:18:18
14 9:53:57 (my water stash)
15 9:57:93
16 10:17:86
17 9:52:43
18 9:37:42

Wed, Sep. 13th, 2017, 09:14 pm
the one armed burpee...

that is the only thing i have time to say right now...

it was the highlight of today.
a cool new move for me...

Mon, Sep. 11th, 2017, 10:12 pm
OMG!!!! My high school crush donated to my fundraising page...

I was going to write about gym class when i got home tonight. But something else ended up taking more of a precedence when i came home and saw my inbox in my email. Feel i kinda got desperate when it comes to asking ppl for donations. ANd yeah, I ended up sending out an email to a high school guy in whom I had a MEGA crush on back in the day. God, he had been so cute looking. and GOD, he was so artistically talented. We took the same photography class in high school. I remember i always looked forward to that class just so i could be in his presence. And GOD, he had been SOooo popular. He ended up being the prom king during senior prom night. Anyways, the only way I really discovered him was cuz he came across as a suggested person to add on linkedin. and okay, i thought... why not, i ended up deciding to send him an email that i discovered thru his website.. HONEST to god, I had ZERO friends in high school. Please, someone *PINCH ME*. I cant believe he wrote me back and made his personal donation.

My email i wrote to him and his response (I attached a photo of my high school diploma in the email)

Dear *****

This is TJ Hinnen reaching out to you. TJ Hinnen?? Who is this person you may ask. I realize while I may come across as a stranger to you, we actually had a "connection" with each other in the past. We actually graduated from the same high school, same year too - Kearny High School, 1990. If you still have your Kearny High School year book, you will see my photo in there.

I was pretty much unpopular in high school. Quiet and terribly shy. I threw away my high school year book because I did not have good memories from that time. You may not really remember me because I mostly kept to myself. But I totally remember you. You were a popular guy in high school.. and I remember I had a mega crush on you. But I think all the girls probably did, LOL...

In high school, we actually took the same photography class with Mr. Bednarczyk.

Senior prom, what a downer of an experience. I attended that prom with my sister's boyfriend because no other guy would go out with me that day. I had been THAT desperate... What made that night even more devastating for me is that you ended up being the prom king with some popular blonde girl who was the prom queen that night... I forget her name. But I remember she was blonde, tall and beautiful... and that I just wanted to die when I saw you two together. Oh my aching heart that night.

Oh, high school memories. The trials and tribulations.
I am 45 now. I like to believe I've grown out of that awkward stage.

I hope my email doesn't come across as too stalkerish. But how I came to stumble across you is that you came up as a suggest person to add on my Linkedin page. Your name, just triggered a memory. And I thought I would randomly shoot you an email.

I currently work for Whole Foods Market. I've been with the company for 10 years. And this year I got the exciting opportunity to run in this NYC marathon - running for a cause, fundraising for Team for Kids.

To view more details of my fundraising efforts and to make a small donation, you can go here.


Yes, I feel it would be kinda cool to receive the support of a person I use to have a mega crush on back in the day.

Anyways, I'm happy for you that you seem to be doing really well in your career and have remained in the art field. Good to see you have followed through with your artistic talent.


What a nice surprise! Yes, of course I remember you. For all the jerks that came out of KHS its wonderful to see someone who is striving to make a difference and putting others first.....That's you TJ.
I would be honored to help you reach your goal, Ill visit the link now.
Good luck!....and thanks so much for reaching out!


Sat, Sep. 9th, 2017, 04:49 pm
My Split times: 15 miles...

Its SOOoo hard to predict what my marathon time will be. I feel I have a good chance to beat my 4:30. If I dont beat it, I have a good chance in getting in the 4:30 range. I figure, I feel i tend to run faster in an actual race than on my own. BUT, i have to factor in all the hills in the race. But I have to factor in the fact that my time will be faster because I dont have to put in the effort of grabbing my bottled water from the ground every time i pass a tree where I planted my water bottle.

i feel pretty happy with todays results
NEXT saturday: 16 miles...

skipped back 10