September 17th, 2013


My second home...

Well, i havent been actively writing in here as of late cuz i feel i've been actively doing other things to occupy my time instead. Uh huh. my last post was about bathing suit woes and i've pretty much surprised myself how much i've gotten into swimming lately considering the fact that PRIOR to this, i hadnt swam in YEARS. Didnt own a bathing suit in years also. and all i wanna say is thank you to all the ladies who are just like me who prefer not being half naked and like wearing swim shorts and compression tshirts too.

not too sure if this has become an obsession or just merely a passing interest. but i like it. i feel i go swimming everyday after work. and when i get home, my main thing i do online is look at swimming techniques. watch videos of different land exercises swimmers can do to help them improve their strength. and whatever i watch, i try and incorporate it into my workout or swim time. altho i've realized today, working out in the gym weight room PRIOR to swimming, just makes swimming feel more tiring. in my mind, i feel i'd rather work out AFTER swimming instead.

ALSO, i like the yoga class that they have. HOnest to god. i could care LESS about the whole relaxation/spiritual/meditative aspect of it all. i mean, i get BOrED near the end when we just have to lie on our backs and close our eyes. for me, i keep my eyes open asking myself can i leave now. and its funny, one time the girl next to me ended up falling asleep tho, lol. but what I DO love about yoga is the whole stretching/flexibility/balancing/strength aspect to it all. After swimming, yoga is a great way to finish a work out.

i suppose you can say, my gym has become my second home. its a place i visit regularly. i'm there as much as i am in my own apt.

but i feel i wanna say that my gym isn't my only second home i have. the reynolds ended up coming back from england a couple of weeks ago. i felt it had been nice visiting their house again. it bought back a sense of familiarity. a sense of coziness and warmth. the dad had pulled me aside last weekend to talk to me about how, i shouldnt feel a need to have to ask permission when i want to visit and come over. but if i just wanted to come over, i should just come over. he said something about viewing it like it was my dad's place, that i shouldnt view myself as a guest. i guess what he said to me i felt it to be a thoughtful gesture. it made me feel nice inside. i think with the rest of my family, i feel i would have to ask permission from them to see if it was okay of me to visit first. NOT that i even visit their homes to begin with, but if i did... it would have to be on their terms first. i remember one time awhile back i visited my sister on the fly cuz she had the nieces all at her place. WHOOps. hadnt been welcomed inside. wasnt a good time. i guess i was made to turn around in the other direction... the reynolds tho, i feel they don't do that to me. even if they were busy and were out, i feel in a way, i would still be able to visit their house still if i wanted to. if i lived closer to them, i'd prolly visit their house more often. as it is now. work just gets in the way. perhaps my gym time now too >.<

altho, i'm able to use any gym facility. not just the one that is local to me. and there is a gym relatively close to them in yonkers. they have a pool too. and i am curious to wanna check it out. i hear that every tuesday morning that they have an aquatics aerobics class too, something they dont have at my local gym, so i'd be curious in trying it one day at this location. yeah, i've grown to love being active in the water. its great on my joints. having had knee surgery a few years ago, being in the pool, i am able to do leg exercises w/out it no longer bothering my knee. in general, swimming and kickboarding, i feel has been a great discovery when it comes to physical therapy on my weakened left leg.