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Sun, Jan. 15th, 2017, 12:46 pm
the neck bone, connected to the shoulder bone, shoulder bone connected to the head bone, etc...

right so, my hands have been hurting me recently. i tend to get these severe tingly sensations. it tends to wake me up in the morning. and when i drive my car to work in the morning.. my hands tend to get tingly. i drive with one hand. i put one hand down. the one i put down.. the tingly sensation goes away... so i alternate hands. when i read a book.. my hands start to tingle. in gym class... particularly bodybump... i get tingly sensations in my hands during the chest track... or the back track. or any track that requires a lot of gripping..

anyways, i am thinking - i think its work thats causing me to get such aggitating pain. cuz i do a lot of gripping when it comes to picking products up. lifting 25- 50 lbs bags of grains and what not. and i'm like thinking, have i developed carpal tunnel syndrome? the feeling, feeling so debilitating to me sometimes, particularly in the morning... it feeling difficult to grind my coffee beans in the morning...

i'm like looking, looking online various stretches to do for carpal tunnel syndrome. and it has felt useless to me. but i stumbled onto something else. maybe i dont have carpal tunnel syndrome... but maybe i have stiff forearms, stiff neck, stiff pectoralis minor muscles instead? and its true.. i've realized, i do have tight forearm muscles from gripping regularly. and i have tight neck and shoulder muscles -- all of which the nerves ends up eventually connecting to my hands in some way.

i have done some stretches - forearm, pectoralis minor and scalene muscle stretches. i feel i've started to feel the difference already. like sometimes... i feel it was a false assumption that i have carpal tunnel... but i have something else... but simply really tight muscles elsewhere blocking nerves, circulation to my hands..