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Wed, Jan. 18th, 2017, 09:37 pm
and my abs feel sore...

more like obliques/sides..
i dont even know what gym class to blame it one either... and i cant blame it on bodypump.. cuz i didnt take it on monday. and i havent been running this week. altho running doesnt really make my sides hurt... UNLESS, i participate in a race.. even then i am not sure why that part of me gets sore. bodycombat then? i mean, they DO say its like a 60 minute core work out.. took bodyattack last night also... havent taken that class in the longest. i guess cuz i had subtituted running instead. it being winter, it gets darker sooner... yeah i took that class. the instructor hadnt memorized the new routine yet... so, it wasnt exactly a new release... but since i havent take that class in the longest.. it felt new to me still.. anyways, i remember last night when we did the typical running around the room.. i kept on thinking.. wish i was running around a track instead outside...

bodycombat vs. bodyattack. two totally different classes. its like comparing apples to oranges. they both taste good.. but they totally have different flavors...

and god, tonight was my second time taking bodycombat. and god, the second time around felt even better. the MUSIC of all things... SO GOOD. i cant even remember the tunes off of my head.. but i remember the moments.. and how the music ended up just connecting to whatever routine we were doing . i feel this new release has made me sweat more in this class... compared to previous releases. or maybe i am just putting in more effort.

bodypump 100 release? i know that it turned out to be a big deal. WHICH the IDEA in itself.. when it comes the sheer number of creative routines that have been thought up thru out the years... is pretty amazing. i dont even know how they come up with it, or WHO... but yeah, it was good. but i think i still have my particular favorite certain tracks tho from previous releases. but bicep track is NO JOKE. SO CHALLENGING even without using the bar. and OOOOooo... shoulder track. shoulder racks is generally my favorite part of class... and after the first round of pushups.. i thought it was over at that time... but NOPE. another round with the bar. AWESOME. good thing i went lighter than usual. altho after a couple of tries with this.. i would like to eventually add 2 1/2 lbs on each side tho..