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Tue, Jan. 24th, 2017, 12:03 am
SOOOoo glad i decided to go...

I'm like listening to the radio. asking myself is gym class going to be cancelled tonight? i kept on listening to the radio how theres this torrential rain storm with high winds... trees falling down everywhere. airplanes being delayed. and i'm like, should i risk the drive to the gym...

and i'm like looking out my window asking myself.. where the fuck is all the wind that they keep on mentioning about?! while its raining, i dont see the trees outside my window swaying back and forth.. so yeah, i said fuck it... i'm going. and apparently others had the same attitude and showed up too..

bodypump 100 is good. just some of the tracks dont come across as my favorite tho. ALTHO, i admit i DO like the bicep track. I dont often think much of the bicep track.. but THIs one i feel is a doosy. I think due to the different speeds. fast speed and then slow. i like the tune to the tricep track. but still not my favorite. altho i cant complain about the tricep pushups. Shoulder track... i used 25 lbs tonight. Wonder if i could go up to 30 lbs? which had been my regular weight previously. its the whole slow clean movement.. i dont think i could do at that weight.. but everything else i feel i could do. just love the shoulder track in general. its prolly one of the more challenging tracks... but i always love it cuz it always feels intense.. i feel when it comes to my upper body in general, i've developed a good physique. i like how my upper body looks in general.

my third time taking the new release bodycombat. and god. its gotta be my favorite release. from EVERYTHINg - music, all the pushups and core work out we do on the floor... the so called power punches, leg work out... and god, even the core work out and stretching at the end. weird, we end up sitting on the floor at the very end. but whatever, for some reason i feel i gained a new appreciation for that class.

and OKAy, lots of newbies i feel in todays strength class. EVEN THO.. the instructor says to face the center of the room... for the majority, ppl ended up facing towards the front... except for us so called regulars. this other girl whose a regular.. and i ended up facing her. and OKAY, this is why.. i like that format better. cuz inside i feel there ends up being an inner competition with the other person... I KNOW the popular saying... dont be concerned about anybody else, but yourself... but c'mon... sometimes it gives you just a little bit more push sometimes, when there is that sense of friendly competition with another person... even if its just all in my head... god, love the push up section. its DIFFICULT. i mean, its weird in a way.. but its suppose to go to more difficult to easier... but i find it reverse. its more easy doing the alligator movement push up... vs just the alligator..

took grit cardio over the weekend. yeah, i liked it too. just fucking wish i could take that class more often. god, i look at all the gym locations... and they just always offer it when i have to be at work.