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Thu, Jan. 26th, 2017, 05:41 pm
Front muscle issues...

i still have issues with my hands. they still tingle when it comes to engaging in certain activities - like driving, or gym class when i have pressure on my palms, gripping the bar. but its no longer as intense. more subtle feeling and not as overbearing...

the tingling in my hands ended up feeling so debilitating before that it would keep me awake at night. and when i did eventually fall asleep.. the tingling in my hands would be the reason why i would wake up. i seriously was about to make an appointment to see a doctor about it until i discovered a website... about tight muscles and how it can cause tingling in your hands..

neck, shoulders and chest muscles all tight. funny - its the shoulders and chest track that i really like in bodypump and what i like focusing on when i am on the gym floor. god, i love doing push ups. No wonder those muscles would be tight. anyways, this particular website... it said, while ppl always complain about the back of the muscles... like back pain, neck pain... ppl RARELy complain any sort of pain in the front of their muscles.. u only feel the pain once you actually end up pressing on them. and yeah, my pectoralis minor muscles... so sensitive when i press on it. so i've been stretching that area.. and giving myself tissue massage there in order to get rid of the so called knots.

i still find it fascinating how working on stretching and massaging my front upper body.. has helped relieve some of the tingling in my hands. not just some, but a lot. i mean, i am able to actually sleep soundly. and like all this time, i had been just focusing on massaging my hands, stretching them.. running warm water over them... so desperate in wanting to get rid of the tingling sensation away. BUT NO... it was my neck, shoulder and chest muscles that were affecting my hands.. due to the nerves being sorta like interconnected.. if u end up having a short circuit in your upper body area.. that sense of flow wont go down your arm and thru your hands.

anyways, in addition to helping my hands... i think stretching my upper body had kinda helped me in my running too. when running, i've ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS... have ended up breathing SO HEAVY. i mean, no matter how hard i train... i have never been able to improve my breathing ability while running.

i ended up running today. and i had realized my sense of breathing didnt come across as so heavy. i'm thinking it has to do with my pectoralis minor muscles... stretching and massaging them - like being able to gain more flexibility there... has helped me with my breathing while running. my chest muscles not being as tight as they were before...