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Thu, Feb. 16th, 2017, 07:39 pm
Listing of my todays calories: rough estimate:

1 tbs of amaranth grain: 45
2 tbs steel cuts raw (1/4 cup cooked?) 150
1 tbs of wheat bran: 8

2 eggs: 140
3 small white mushrooms: 7
6 slices of zuchinni: ?

butter: i use that when i cook my eggs and green beans: 36?

2 garlics: 4
Green beans:i dont measure how much green beans i actually cook. maybe i eat about a cup?: 44

Black coffee:??

SNACK: 180
1 slice of ezekial bread: 80
1 tbs of peanut butter: 100 calories
Slices of banana:?? i just put as many slices on my bread that can fit. so i dont eat the whole banana

LUNCH: 230??
1 cup of lentil soup: homemade. i dont actually measure a cup tho. its in a relatively small bowl i put into it tho: about 230??

SNACK: 290
1 cup yogurt: i dont actually measure a cup: 130?
1/4 cup almonds/peanuts: 160

3 drumsticks: 300???
broccoli: i dont really measure my vegetables really. about a cup?? 55

1 apple: 53

total: calories: 1542

OKAY, i've been on a lot of diets. but i've NEVEr been on one where i actually count my calorie intake. This is just a rough estimate. and i think bottom line.... if i want to be more accurate... i should buy a food scale.

i feel i eat more on the days i run/go to the gym and what not. like i will have 3/4 cup of brown rice.