Kim Sung-Ja (kimcheekid) wrote,
Kim Sung-Ja

Arm training completed....

Completed the 3 week training
a couple of days ago...
It was an experience...
As I never really focused specifically
on my arms like in consecutive days like that...
Never had my biceps and triceps
feels so sore either.
I feel I am finally starting to recover..

Do i notice a difference?
Maybe a subtle difference.
Just like I noticed a subtle difference
when training glutes...

Even tho I was focused on biceps and triceps..
Along the way I feel I ended
up with shoulder pain...
particularly more on my right side..
Felt the affect with push-ups..
Would hurt my shoulders..
And would feel shoulder discomfort
just with simply doing bicep curls..

Kinda focused on recovering I guess..
Stretching and what not.
Never had my biceps feel so tight
In my life like that..
Never had my triceps feel so sore either..
Like wow..

I think I do feel improvement over all
in general tho...
I just know with the push ups
in bodycombat..
Shoulder felt good..
So, feel that was a good sign.

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