Kim Sung-Ja (kimcheekid) wrote,
Kim Sung-Ja


Today the instructor mentioned about liking newbies that attend his class..

I like newbies too. They are a reminder of when I use to be a newbie. To this day.. I remember my very first bodypump class... It had been a 30 minute express class.. took it once and hadn't returned back right away cuz i felt the class was over my head. Out of league..

Truthfully, at that time I was taking aqua Zumba classes, lol.. most of the participants were senior citizens... I was one of the rare young ones.

So, I kinda find it an interesting journey when it comes to how i got into bodypump to begin with.

As a newbie, I just remember eyeing the more experienced students and I would always be in awe.. like how do they do that?? I feel tho, the role has reversed... I'm the one that's become more experienced... And I guess whenever there are newbies that first start participating.. they become a mirror/a reminder of how I started out..

I feel when one is new... There is bigger room for improvement.. and I find that initial improvement process is what's most exciting... I feel in a way tho.. the more experience one gains...the smaller window u have to improve.. but u have to find the improvements in smaller increments...

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